Introducing Huddle.

Camano Island’s first, and only, collaborative work space. A place where companies, freelancers, professional renegades and solopreneurs grow and succeed.

Your search for flexible office space begins and ends at Huddle. We’ve created a space that is inviting yet professional. Find your inspiration at Huddle with hand built, specially curated offices, open or dedicated desks, conference room and more. Built-in flexibility to help you be more productive, boost creativity, find inspiration, fuel business growth and collaborate. All on Camano Island.

The Rise of the Collaborative Workspace

With an increase in telecommuting over the past decade, combined with the continued flight from urban centers such as Seattle to ‘exurbs’ like Camano Island, the launch of Huddle is timely. Whether you are going stir crazy working at home in your PJ’s or need a cost effective, more flexible office than the traditional, Huddle on Camano Island is here for you.

Collaborative Workspaces in urban centers have become well entrenched but have yet to extend to the far suburbs, or what is referred to as the ‘exurbs.’ Huddle is poised to change this knowing Camano Island has its share of entrepreneurs, small businesses and professional renegades looking for a collaborative workspace close to home.

Wondering why the hype around Collaborative Workspaces exists? We’ve got your answers.


We're Here!


848 North Sunrise Blvd
Suite E201
Camano Island, WA 98282

Camano Commons is alight with activity from a design build that harkens a town center feel and is complete with a bustling farmer’s market, restaurants, a brewpub, coffee roaster, ice cream ship, retail and more. All facing an intimate inner field-sized courtyard under the watchful ‘claws’ of a giant crab.

Want to learn more about Camano Commons? Stop by and treat yourself to coffee and ice cream, or yet, grab a Camano-specific beer and sit outside enjoying conversation with friends.


Benefits of Collaborative Workspaces


Leasing an office can be expensive and typically involves additional costs such as utilities and office furniture, among others.

Increased Productivity

Working at home can be a drag on productivity. Anything from distraction from family members and children, to the barking dog to home chores can take a toll on your productivity, creativity and ability to innovate.

Access to Amenities

Amenities such as printing services, conference rooms for client meetings, mail/package delivery, internet, utilities.

Networking + Exposure

Networking is one of the core benefits of collaborative workspaces. They can also serve as a conduit to more quickly get your business name out there to potential new customers.


Collaborative Workspaces allow you to go from zero to 100% in a matter of minutes.


Let’s face it, working from home can have a significant impact on social life. Collaborative Workspaces can provide a medium to develop new and lasting friendships with like-minded entrepreneurs.


Yet another major benefit is the inherent flexibility. From on-demand use of an open seat, to month-to-month rental of an office space, collaborative workspaces provide a level of flexibility that can’t be replicated in a traditional office lease.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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